Community To College

Moving to college from high school, or from life with work and children is a challenge for most people. The resources on this page aim at helping people get a head start and improve their confidence before classes start. 
We Are Glad That You Are Here!

UAS Sitka Campus welcomes students from all over Alaska and beyond. See our welcome and encouragement videos.

Get A Head Start With The Alaskan Bridge To College

Learn the skills and strategies that successful college students need before you take your first class! Choose from 19 skill areas including Exploring Your Financial Aid Options, Preparing for Tests, Study Habits, and Stress Management. It’s free and online! See more and find out how to register at

Line Up Your Studies and Career with Roadtrip Nation

A great way to start your college journey is to explore all the paths that it can take you along. The Roadtrip Nation website lets you use your own interests and values to see how leaders in their fields have achieved their goals. Get your subscription code at and sign up at

Start Early With Placement Testing and Practice

Did you know that you can practice for placement tests? UAS Sitka Campus’ Testing Center recommends starting on English and the ALEKS Math Placement test at least two months before you apply to college so that you can use the extra time to improve your score. Find out more about placement testing at 

Start Saving with Alaska 529

Alaskans can put up to half of their Permanent Fund Dividend payment into an Alaska 529 college savings account to help them pay for college. This money will not be taxed, so it is a great way to put more of your dividend to work for your future. Find out more about this option at

Start Small With Occupational Endorsements and Certificates

Thinking about improving your job or career options? Occupational Endorsements (OEs) and Certificates are short career or technical courses that can give you a step up and help you decide whether a new direction is right for you. It’s also a great way to explore whether you would be happy to study more in that area. See more about OEs and Certificates at the UAS academic catalog.

Start Early With Dual Enrollment 

High school students can take selected college courses with the permission of their high school guidance counselors. Dual enrollment can help fill a gap in a high school schedule or curriculum, and gives seniors an opportunity to test a college option before making a commitment to a degree program. Download the student information packet for this semester to see dual enrollment classes and further instructions to register.

Plan Ahead With College Cost Calculators

Paying for college and making a plan to borrow less is easier with these calculator tools. You can use the tuition calculator to figure out how much college will cost, and then use this fillable PDF calculator to see how adding scholarships and grants can reduce your college debt each year

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