College To Career

College can give you skills for life, including career skills that you will need once you graduate. The resources on this page are a great way to start moving from college to a career.

Financial Literacy Is A Life Skill You Can Learn Using iGrad

iGrad is a personalised financial literacy application that has information and resources for people who want to feel more confident about managing their finances. Find tips, tricks, quizzes, and lots of videos explaining everything from financial aid to investing! For more information please see for an introductory video. To sign up for an account go to

Industry and Career Internships

Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door of an industry or business. Show them what you can do and learn what it is like to work in your chosen field.  Search for internships on the UAS website and academic catalog. You can also find internships using the UAS Handshake site. Check out these articles on internships for high school students,  college students and graduates.

Explore More Career Directions With Roadtrip Nation

Your degree can take you in a lot of different directions. Use this career exploration tool to see how community, business, and other leaders used their education to follow their dreams.

Career Mentoring

A mentor is someone who knows something about the path that you would like to explore or follow. UAS students can find mentorship opportunities with people already working in their fields by registering with the UAS mentor city program at

Reach Out with UAS Handshake

Handshake is another way to connect with employers through an application that lets you view jobs and internships, track companies/employers, search for companies and jobs, and manage applications. Check it out at

Career Building Seminars

Check out these recordings of our career building skills workshop and seminar series.You’ll find them on the UAS Sitka Youtube Channel in the Complete To Compete Career Building Series playlist.

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