Alaska Native Supports

The Complete To Compete Title III grant team has created resources that aim to bring more Alaska Native culture into the UAS Sitka Campus.

We hope that the resources on this page are useful to other educators, and are happy to work with tribal or other community organizations to improve and expand the opportunities that exist for Alaska Native and other under-represented groups.

Alaska Native Scholarship Information

Scholarship opportunities for Alaska Native people can be found on the UA Southeast website at:

Celebrating Alaska Native Women

“Honoring Women” is a slideshow that profiles 10 Alaska Native women who have received honorary doctorates from the University of Alaska Southeast. The slideshow features a soundtrack of a Tlingit song “Girl’s Lullaby” performed by UAS adjunct instructor Roby Littlefield. You can download high resolution and low resolution versions of the update slideshow at:
Honoring Women (High Resolution – Large File)  – 47 MB file
Honoring Women (Lower Resolution) – 11 MB file

“We Walk In The Footsteps of Strong Alaska Native Women” was created to celebrate the legacy of Elizabeth Peratrovich through the stories of other Alaska Native women. The series features 19 the letter-sized posters that can be displayed in classrooms or used in classroom activities.  You can download the series at: 
We Walk in the Footsteps of Strong Alaska Native Women (High Resolution – 11 x 8.5 Printable) – 185 MB file

Alaska Native Welcome and Encouragement Videos for College Students

These videos were created to welcome and encourage students who take the Alaskan Bridge To College online college success course. The course uses common aspects of Alaskan life to help anyone improve their chances of success at college.
Welcome Video (2.40 minutes)
We Are Here To Support You Video (2.55 minutes) 

Study Habits and Tips for Studying Online

These videos are from the Alaskan Bridge To College online course. We have called these online learning stories. This sample features Alaska Native characters and stories
Study Habits – Do The Hard Things First (2.44 minutes)
Tips – Do You Need To Be Good With Technology (2.39 minutes)
Tips -Is Online Learning Less Social? (1.46 minutes)
Tips – Know Your Tools (1.21 minutes)
Tips – How To Prepare For The ALEKS Maths Placement Test (5.17 minutes)

Resources for Faculty and Teachers

Stop Talking:  Indigenous Ways of Teaching and Learning and Difficult Dialogues in Higher Education introduces faculty to 10,000-year old Alaska Native pedagogies as well as key difficult dialogues between indigenous and academic communities. Download Stop Talking (3MB PDF file)

Father Oleksa – Communicating Across Cultures Video Series
View this clip for an introduction to this thoughtful series of hour-long discussions of cross-cultural communication. The series can be purchased on DVD from Father Oleksa’s website.


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