The Community To College To Career site is part of the Complete To Compete (UAS Sitka Campus Title III) Grant which runs from 2015 to 2020.

The best place to start is by Talking To Us!
You’ll find the best information by talking to our friendly advising staff and personal education planners.

Make the jump from your Community To College
College is a new world and everyone needs some guidance and support to get comfortable in it. You’ll find options for career exploration, college readiness, and support for figuring out how to pay for college on this page.

Learn the skills you need for College Success
It is never to late to start learning what you need to succeed at college. If you are already a student and want to improve your skills, these resources are for you too!

Make your move from College To Career
Need some tips and tricks for promoting yourself and your skills to employers? You’ll find these and more to help you launch yourself into the industry, field or career you’ve chosen.

Many of the resources shown in this section of the website are available to anyone who is interested in using them. There are also resources which are only available if you are registered to take a class (whether or not it is part of a degree) with University of Alaska. To register as a student, and take advantage of the resources available on this site, go to

Registration is free and you can choose to apply for classes in your own time.

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