I have heard of preparation courses that are college courses. Can I do that instead?

Yes, you can. The benefit of starting with the Alaskan Bridge To College course is that it is low cost, self-paced, and will not affect your college record. If you are happy with what you learn in the Alaskan Bridge To College course, and feel confident, you can apply to do more advanced preparation with courses that do get college credit. At UAS these are the UNIV 101 (3 credits) and UNIV 193P (1 credit) courses.

Who can I talk to about going to college?

The University of Alaska Southeast has advisors who are happy to talk to you about your plans for college. Before you apply is a great time to start. Click here to make an appointment to talk to a Sitka Campus advisor.

What does the program cost?

The Alaskan Bridge To College program is funded by a grant so that it can be offered at no cost to people who are interested in preparing for college. You can see more about the grant in the background topic of the FAQ section.  

Are there classes I need to do before I start the course?

The course is designed to help anyone who has basic computer skills and can read in English at a 9th grade level. We are working to make the course accessible to people with 7th grade level English skills in future versions. 

If you need help with English or computer skills, you can see what is offered by the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development . You might also be able to find help at your local library or community center.