Guidance from someone who has been where you want to go.

Real-world experience is a great teacher, but learning by trial and error can take a long time.  A mentor can help shorten the learning curve by sharing their own life experiences of success and errors.

Benefits of being in a mentoring relationship:
  • Learn new things about yourself: The self-reflection that results from a mentoring relationship can be a powerful growth experience and provide you with new insights about yourself. 
  • Make more of your strengths and exploit your hidden talents: A good mentoring relationship will push you to do more with your strengths, and help you discover and utilize hidden talents. 
  • Expand your network: A mentoring program expands the networks or both mentors and mentees (someone who is being mentored). 
  • A source of referrals: Mentors can help brainstorm other connections to pursue based on the mentee’s needs, abilities, and goals. Sometimes this can go both ways!
  • Professional growth: Mentoring and being mentored can help with long-term planning and direction as well as clarifying career goals. 
Ways to be involved
  • Sign Up As A Mentor – Do you have industry, career, or self-development experience that could help someone who is just starting out?
  • Sign Up As a Mentee – Are you interested in learning from someone who has experience of an industry, career, or life-path that you want to explore?
  • Sign Up As Both! If you are someone who has something to learn as well as something to teach, you can find mentors and mentees by signing up.
  • One-to-one mentoring
    Mentoring can be a long or short relationship. It can be a meeting over a cup of coffee, or a life-long connection. And everything in between. Mentors and mentees set their own pace, and work on a shared goal.
  • Flash mentoring
    Flash mentoring is more like guest lecturing a small group of people who are all interested in a particular topic. It is usually a short-term relationship that can cover one or more meetings or topics.
Sign Up

You can become a part of the UAS Sitka Campus Mentorship program by registering at

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