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The Alaskan Bridge To College is designed for students to study independently at their own pace. If you are a high school teacher or home school teacher who is interested in enrolling students to work on college success skills as a class, you will need to take the following steps:

STEP 1. Watch the introduction video to the course so that you know how it works.

STEP 2. Download the guide to course objectives and activities

STEP 3. Decide which registration packet you need for your class

Is your class an independent study period with little or no teacher interaction? Download the independent study registration packet

Are you going to lead the class in a more structured way? Consider whether you would like to register the class as a cohort using the cohort registration packet

Contact us if you need further advice about which approach you want to take.

STEP 4. Return the completed class registration documents to the Sitka Campus by one of these methods:

Send by Mail
Sitka Campus Student Services
1332 Seward Ave
Sitka, AK 99835

Send by FAX
(907) 747-7731
email Send by email

STEP 5. You will receive an email that confirms you are enrolled in the course –  follow the instructions included in the email to activate or update your University of Alaska ID information using UA Online and ELMO.

STEP 6.  Log in to the UA BlackBoard at and click on Alaskan Bridge To College in your course listing: CRN 38057 (COED S0001-T70).

For more information please contact us!

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