Alaskan Bridge To College

Made for Alaskans

The Alaskan Bridge To College Program is designed to help people like you, who are interested in going back to school improve study skills and gain the confidence to succeed in college. It uses examples from Alaskan life to remind you that you already know something about success.

Learn at your own pace – aimed at people who may not have studied for a while, who are working, raising children, fishing during the summer, putting up supplies for winter, and keeping important traditions alive.

Build your skills – ​the program adapts to meet you where you are, letting you skip the things you already know and giving you support for things that are more challenging or new to you.

​Get a head startThe program is for anybody who wants to learn how to study well from the first day of college. You’ll learn how to plan and organize your assignments, prepare for tests, choose classes, set and achieve your study goals, and become a successful member of the learning community.

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